soggy lesen

the nature of this project forces us to obsessively check the sky and our pocket technology to make sure our collection will be safe if we take it out...and, to admit defeat when the nature of a berlin summer forces us to run for cover.

luckily we saw a break in the clouds over the city late in the afternoon as we headed out to etsy's annual craft party!  craft chats and cupcakes are a nice way to celebrate.

the clouds were a little darker and the air a little wetter when as we headed out on sunday, but a few visitor's got to browse before the rain.  

we won't make it out this week, but we'll be back in september with park visits and a very special workshop afternoon during 'LeseGarten' in wrangelkiez!  


24 + 26. August!

a fun weekend is planned, but our fingers are crossed that the sun peeks through those clouds and keeps the rain away.  

update, 26.8. - 14.20: what was blue is now a very dark shade of grey.  we will go out to our first location and see what happens....

if it rains and we need to cancel, we'll post here.


sun & visits

berlin illustrator dana(damki) came to check things out and let us know that she's working on something new that might be seen on an upcoming lounge day!  we also couldn't resist snapping her sunny presence as we moved from one location to another.

and we just want remind visitors that they can make their very own zine while hanging with us in the outdoors!  our pal aidan took a break from reading to do a little drawing and folding.


some time in the sun

it was a perfect day yesterday to read in the sun.  our nice friend ina stopped by and took some nice pictures.


tooting our horn

we had a visit and chat with fellow zine enthusiast nadja sayej last sunday.  she then gave us some really big props! read all about it HERE!


15. August!

                                                  MAP                                                               MAP

ps. click 'MAP' to find us.

lounge day

here's some pictures from our day out yesterday.  many more were snapped of us by readers and curious people passing by.  


paper, rain, and wind

our first time out in the world was a bit of a rough trip.  it looked like the sky might clear for us, but instead it dumped rain....then, the wind picked up.

we had to abandon our planned spot and find shelter - then, a spot that would support a tarp(!) and our final attempt to save the day.  the first lesen lounge lasted a couple hours and we had some very nice visitors, but rain, wind, and paper just don't mix.
for a little while we were dry enough to put zines out on the lower shelves:

we'll be out again later this week - keep and eye on this page!


we can keep a secret

with just a few details remaining, our first day out is almost here and we are ready!  

with our heads full of paint fumes, we're pretty giddy about how our little library has come together.  but you need to come and see us out in the real world for a first peek.  for now, a picture of our beacon in the park - the lesen lounge flag.  look for it!

the threat of rain weighs heavily on our berlin summertime, so just in case a light sprinkle turns torrential, our plan b is move under a covered platform near das edelweiss (map)