paper, rain, and wind

our first time out in the world was a bit of a rough trip.  it looked like the sky might clear for us, but instead it dumped rain....then, the wind picked up.

we had to abandon our planned spot and find shelter - then, a spot that would support a tarp(!) and our final attempt to save the day.  the first lesen lounge lasted a couple hours and we had some very nice visitors, but rain, wind, and paper just don't mix.
for a little while we were dry enough to put zines out on the lower shelves:

we'll be out again later this week - keep and eye on this page!


stef lenk said...

Beautiful, Leah, Absolutely gorgeous!

leah b said...

thanks stef! it'll be nice to hang with you in lounge some time soon.

danadamki said...

awesome! I'm back from my holiday and hope I can join next time :)