first location

Our first time out in the world will be a little bit of a celebratory picnic.  We scouted out a little piece of Goerlitzer Park with the right ratio of shade to exposure.  Almost in the centre, and  very near to the Falckensteinstr. entrance, we'll have our very first lesen and lounge afternoon.


our little tank

we have our transportation.... the lesen lounge mobile

this mightly little east german beauty will be the lesen lounge's primary mode of transport.

we also have our building plans finalized and our collection is being prepared. so mark august 5 on your calendars and make your way to goerlitzer park for our picnic opening!

oh yes, and visit us here, over the next weeks to watch our whole rig come together!


coming soon!

we're almost ready.  the lesen lounge is scheduled to make its first appearance on sunday, august 5!