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if you flipped through a zine in the lesen lounge and you want to know more about it's creator or how to obtain a copy, click on the word FIND below each picture.  what we stock is culled from personal and donated collections so some zines might now be defunct. not everyone has a life on the internet, so if a link is not working please let us know and we'll try to get you more information!

sadly, in the 7 years of the lounge's existence, we lost a number of zines to sticky fingers. we hope those people love them and pass them on so that they remain out there in the world.

(in alphabetical order by title)


a four panel affair
kristyna baczynski

against competition
marc fischer / kione kochi

aigunas aves chilenas


alive you took them 

alternation of generations
leah buckareff / aidan baker

jesse reklaw

baby zine N.1
stefania pedretti

Basic Paper Airplane N.7

beyond squat or rot
chuck munson


bitch face
canan öztekin

FIND  stolen :(

charming suicide

coldsnap bindery's postcard long stitch how-to (bookbinding)

come on down
matt carmen

death box 9

FIND  stolen :(

disguised (eng + deu)
lola farina mamerow

eat to the beat
tara bursey

foie gras

FIND  stolen :(

growing things
joshua james amberson, sara keliher, jeff shannon, rylie thayer, sarah tavis, hanna horovitz

how to talk to your cat about gun safety
the american assiciation of patriots

FIND  stolen :(

i love bad movies
matt carman, ksenia yarosh eds.


journal d'un cerf

la plage aux folles

lahar magazine 31 - punk

stephane leonard, martin eichhorn

alexey nikitin

mr. boombha goes for a walk
lark pien

FIND  stolen :(

nyc 2001
claudio pfeifer

FIND  stolen :(

esh, christa leonard, lars greiwe, sergej vutuc, ninja tiger, danny gretscher, birgit supp
paula polina, felipe naranjo

lola farina mamerow

power makes us sick
pms collective

publishing 'zines for prisoners an interview with anthony rayson
kione kochi, temporary services


depka bursey w. tara bursey

FIND  stolen :(

schnurlos no.2

schröder, e. miet me
schröder e.

scribble faster issue 3, set sail

FIND  stolen :(

show me the money 35
t. hunnicutt

siete dias

simple history 2, crusades
j. gerlach

simple history 4, spanish civil war
j. gerlach

simple routines 8
jp coovert

sketchbook party
allison cole

isabel rock

FIND  stolen :(

something in between
sergej vutuc

spammaps 4meudiademorte records

spud 64, issue 2
matt kish

FIND  stolen :(

the heart star
christoph meyer

toffee cola zine 2tamar moshkovitz

FIND  stolen :(

FIND  stolen :(

FIND  stolen :(

validate & travel
gabi bila-gunther

where you from? no.1, home & hometowns
gutwrench press

FIND  stolen :(

zonas de habitabilidade / zonas d'habitabilité
barbara meuli, aude barrio

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