It's been a long while, but we're dusting off the lounge and taking it out for one last spin! 

We'll be bringing the lesen lounge over to the DruckDruckDruck exhibition at Galerie im Körnerpark for Zineklatsch No. 13! Afterwards we'll be donating our beloved lounge to the Archiv der Jugendkulturen who will do a much better job than I can now to make sure our little project and collection remains accessible! (We're updating the online archive and that will be available as long as blogger exists...)

Fb info is HERE, but of course I've drawn one last map:


31. August!

short notice!  it looks good tomorrow so we're taking the lounge to treptower park!  look for the flag....



18 + 19. Juli!

okay, last week didn't work out for us, but this weekend we are booked!

on saturday, you can peruse and read a bit between incredible concerts and collaborative sets in the city's eastern treasure that is  funkhaus berlin at 'a happening'.   

and on sunday find us again this year on the sidewalk in front of our favourite record shop, bis auf's messer for sommerfest! this year's festivities will feature an ausstellungseröffnung with photos by janina gallert and johannes türstig. we are stoked!!



9. Juli! - cancelled...

*the rain isn't consistent, but with the wind it's just a little more than paper zines can handle...

our most confusing map yet?  find us if it's not raining....