the good people of zinefest berlin took such great care of our beloved lounge over the festival weekend and we were so happy and surprised to be re-united with the lounge, plus a few new additions to our catalogue!  

this past summer was a transitional year for us as we made slow, tentative moves out of our home kiez, but look for us over the coming, chillier months at markets and house shows!

stay warm and read!  x


26-27. Oktober!

it's that time of year again.  we're so excited about this year's zinefest that we'll have the lounge open for the whole weekend!
zinefest berlin
facebook event!


14. September!

recycled creativity festival starts today in berlin and the lesen lounge will join the party on 14 september from 15:00-18:00 at wagenburg löhmuehle!




20. Juli!

the amazing zine fest berlin is having an outdoor summer fair!  it's in one of berlin's best parks, so (of course) we'll be there!


let's review!

the first year of the lesen lounge has been so great, and once i archive this review of our short past, i'm going to get started on this summer's schedule!

to start, i'd like to tell the story of how the lesen lounge actually came to be.  it includes two incredible women that helped bring the project to fruition.  

my dear friend ina knew that i had this plan percolating in my brain, but i didn't quite know how to make it happen.  thanks to her community organizing know-how and ability to translate this project to a slightly confused panel of berlin community grant-givers (see the bottom of this page), we gained their confidence and were awarded the funding to build the project. 

it was then in the hands of the incredible carpenter and artist cati egger to build the amazing, modular box you see above and in all the pictures.  this wasn't an easy task and after grappling with numerous sketches - taking into consideration that it would be a 5'2" me pulling this around *mostly* flat berlin - the final low and sturdy fold-up design emerged!

a special thanks to both of them from the bottom of my paper heart.

* * * * *
the attention we received over the last 10 months was international and overwhelming...

from those who wrote about us

to those who invited me to
explain my intentions,  

and those who put us in a book!

there was also all the friends and blogs who mentioned us and encouraged visitors and berliners alike to find us in whatever corner of kreuzberg we were hanging out for the afternoon.  and all the special events that invited us to be a part of things over the colder months.

of course, the best surprises came in meeting zinesters from all over europe and the donations from veteran makers and new ones who were inspired to do so for the project!

we're updating the zine list over the next week and i can't wait to see where we go in 2013!